Friday, August 13, 2010

~Beauty of Love~

"If we crawl, till' we can walk again. And we run until we strong enough to jump and we fly until there is no let's crawl...back to love.."

This lyric is taken from Chris Brown's song entitled Crawl..for me, it's a beautiful song.

Why is that so? W.E.I.R.D.?...

I guess, maybe because of I can relate it with loving Allah..

Owh, this getting more weirder now. How come?

Okay, think it in a positive way.

Love is a subjective matter that hard to be explained through words..I'll try to do it btw. Bare with it okay, >.<

We always stumble around in loving Allah (but Allah didn't..He consistently loves us, Subhanallah)..there are many ways satan can lead our love to. Maybe to boyfriends, Girlfriends and what not. But always astray from Allah (forgive us ya Allah)...yet Allah is our through this song I've learnt that we can always start from zero (in this song, crawl) to reach Allah's love again. After been succesfull in crawling, we move on to walking, then running, jumping (getting faster and improved) and the next one, we're flying to reach His love till' there is no end! Allahuakbar..sweet isn't it?

p/s : It isn't a crime if you wanna hear Western's songs..but always hear them with heart and not totally leave the job to your ears. Do the principle of swapping. For instances, Love songs can be changed to Love Allah..hate songs can be changed to hate satan or lust or ma' is simple as that..but beware with the heavy metal might not be changed with a simple swap. Wallahua'lam..