Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Head on track-Mind at back

Paham x title neh?(kali ne, entry ni dlm bahasa Melayu, sebab nak bg laluan pada mggu bahasa jiwa bangsa oleh Ijat..hehe...jgn mare ijat..tau ko slalu ngendap blog neh..hehe---->pasan!!)
Title neh seswai ntok student yg bdn ader dlm kelas, tp minda, hati, jiwa n so on ader kat tmpt lain..smer la mcm aku neh haa...skang neh prof tgh m'ngajar tp aku tgh m'blogging..hehehehehe...jahat tol..duhai prof..sorry.okay2.focus back!toing2! >.<"

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Felt like a stupid idiot joker who's longing for someones' laughter and praises saying "hey, you are genius and talented ones, proud to have you though".--->this wut i want to post as my status in FB..but can't. i just can't...i end up posted "hahahaha...how funny you are, faqiha"....i'm in a 100% mood swing..T_T


Shuuvit man! Yesterday's concert was brilliant!
Devotees made up the first performer. They gave their all to deliver 2 songs which are so sweet and melodious! Live performance babe! I've asked for Lament song..but nahh..couldn't get it.
Second performer, Firdaus! Whooaaaa..their voices are sooooo cool! Performed Ku Berlari and a new song too..5 years they've gone without news..and yesterday, it's their comeback!
Okay...this' getting more excited..the 3rd performer, have a silky hair....rugged personality....Jay Jay!!! He performed with his acoustic guitar, sang a lots of oldies songs. Cukup Sekali, Joget Angan Tak Sudah and so on...karaoke slot runs along the show. Boys at the back couldn't have more of Jay Jay cause the next performer is an otai one....
The one and only, papa rock, husky voice that always 100% succeed in touching the soul...Ramli Sarip!!!! Felt the connection between the audience and him through cheers and shouts in the stadium...whooaaa...he gave us Bukan Kerna Nama, Kamelia, Teratai, Doa Buat Kekasih, Istilah Bercinta and so forth...a load of congratulations should be given to the final year FEM's students for organizing this kind of concert! Welldone!