Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jual Ikan.

1. Maybe I'm too selfish.

2. I don't even care about someone's life.

3. I'm too busy focusing on my own thought.

4. I don't know much about someone's life except mine.

5. I'm so sorry.

All 5 stirring in my mind right now. =.="

Friday, February 25, 2011

~Ayam Penyet - Penyet Ayam~


Berikut adalah gelagat geng-geng BST kat restoran Ayam Penyet berdekatan dengan Giant, Nilai.

Air Lemon yang tobat saya takkan order dah.

K.pah dah tak sabar nak menyerang nasi ayamnya. Hehehe.

Gambar di kedai ni boleh menimbulkan kemarahan PM Chek. Ada cross contamination kat situ ye~

Ni dalam proses men-coverkan diri. Masam giler kot Lemon Ice tu!!


Hehehe..DJ kawal kecomelannya.

~Antara gambar gedik K.Ne~

Alamak! Sorang lagi takde dalam gambar! K.Lin! Hehehe...Sowy la..Hehehe. Owh, yang lain tu ade je. Tapi tak ikut pegi Giant. Muni dan Ijat ade kat rumah mereka. Teng balik Kelantan~

Sekian saya melaporkan aktiviti Geng2 BST.


Do you know that Kotatsu is the best thing for Japanese when the winter came? Or you don't even know what is Kotatsu? Well, it's okay. Actually I'm in a super duper good mood tonight! Which means I'm willing to google up the best definition for Kotatsu! Hehehehe...So, here's the definition. Taken from Wikipedia (the most famous but not so reliable stock of definitions).

"A kotatsu (|炬燵 ) is a low, wooden table frame covered by a futon, or heavy blanket, upon which a table top sits. Underneath is a heat source, often built into the table itself. Kotatsu are used almost exclusively in Japan, although a similar product called a korsi is also used in Iran."
So, get the idea of what is Kotatsu actually? Okay, so here we go. I'm in Malaysia now and I've made my own Kotatsu out from my futon and my study table! Sugoi (means great!)!! Hahaha..But what the hell I want from this self-made Kotatsu actually? know, Malaysia has a very beautiful weather. Sometimes it is cold, mild cold, hot, very hot and lots more! They are tremendously calming! Its tropical climate will keep you wondering whether it will be cold or hot or mild of both! But usually, the native Malaysians will know, when would be the coldest days and the hottest days by just looking at the sky! Great isn't it? Okay, back to our business, the Kotatsu! Because of the cold night (literally when raining at night), I shall use the Kotatsu to warm up my lower limbs. is so soothing. I've uploaded the pictures of the so called Kotatsu with my Bebear, hanging to it, cutely! (the quality of the pictures is bad. Gomenne~)

~This is Bebear with the Kotatsu on my bed~

~Let us take a zoom on this shameless Bebear~

~Yai! We are so close with this hairy thing! Owh, forgot the limelight should be given to the Kotatsu~

~At the eyes of Bebear~

~So this is all about Bebear. The limelight is always on Bebear.~

Sorry for your time wasted on this wasteful stuff. I'm no good in making a good entry. But I will learn hard! I promise!! Huhuhuhu >.<"

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Life is hardly a movie, girl.

Most of the time, I think, if my life was a movie, probably it will not hit the box office. Why? Because, there are less adrenaline rush moment in it. To make one, I wish I have a good tough legs to climb the cloud-grazing mountain and scream on the top of my lungs until my voice going to berserk. And then running down with no string attached with an unbelievable velocity.

I bet, Tom Cruise can never did that!

Or, I can rob someones heart for a romance movie-type. I will make him falls for me by all ways and he end up saying, "Will you marry me?" Then I'll say "I do...not want you!" And straightly go home, leaving him behind with a knee on the ground and hands held up a box of ring. To make it more dramatically, I'll splash his face with water by the lake - full with algae and something nasty.

Owh, my. This has nothing to do with romance. Okay. I know, I know. Rewind back!!

I said 'I do' and suddenly my father came with a gun, maybe M16, wanting badly to shoot him (and me tragically) over and over until there's no form of human that can be traced.

Okay. I know, I did it again. I overdid the story right? Can we just skip the romance stuff? Coz, it is really not the type that I can handle, perfectly.

So, let's see...Owh yeah! A comedy one! Hmm..I do comedy. Maybe I can be a joker in a big castle? Daily, I will come by and tickling the King's belly with a lot of jokes until the King died from laughter. The King before died, had inherited me his wealth so thus his kingdom. I'm ruling the kingdom with no tirany involved.Then, suddenly a beautiful, handsome guy came by and claimed he's the only son of the deceased King. Because of the hard-to-resist face of him, I made him my servant. The laundry, dishes and all the chores, he did it without any complain. Out of the blue, when he's on duty, I found out that he's too much burdened by the chores (yela..because of the BIG castle, kesian pulak), so me as the King of the castle, took him as the Queen. Eh? Does it sounds weird? Ahh..pedulik laaa..And we live happily ever after. Owh baru perasan. This is not even a comedy!!!!

Owh! The motivational movie sounds convincing! Okay, here's the catch. Me as a coach of basket ball team. One of the guys from the team gave up his chance to be in that team because he wants his weak-yet-so-not-worth-a-penny-brother to be scooped into the team because the preliminary is so strict. The sick boy always want to be included in every single things that his brother's in. I don't know why this is happening, maybe because the sick boy has the inferior + jealousy covered up his head. So, what I did to manage the boys? Hmm...I trained the team+sick boy (openly) and also the healthy but pity boy (secretly). I trained them hard. Then, in a real tournament, suddenly the sick boy collapsed and die right away on the court. And my team desperately needs someone to replace the corpse player. I pledged the umpires to accept the healthy boy with anything that a coach can do; kneeing, crying, dancing (?), singing (??). At last, the umpires agreed with the replacement. Then, the healthy boy played well enough to make his team a champion for that year. The end.

Ohoooo!! With that, I can snatch the Oscar Award Trophy away from Sandra Bullock.

Okay, gotta go. I have to read Food Law and Safety notes for tomorrow's test! See ya on the next entry! Bubye~

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's boring. So don't read.

I need 8 more pairs of hands, hahaha~

It's a hectic weeks and still survived.

I have no idea of what kept me to be strong to bear the Tsunami of works. But I guess it's Allah's helps and a bit of determination. Thank you Allah for the helps.

Hmm...what makes me busy these weeks, huh? Okay, hold on tight! Coz, this gonna be a blast one!


on this weekend will be having an oratory at Monash Uni at Sunway. But before that we (me and Mar) have to search the topics related and practice harder for the sake of our own Uni, USIM! Then, on next week we will be attacked by several midterm exams (God!!!) for Food Analysis, Food Biotechnology and Food Law and Safety subjects!! If it's not worth for you guys to pant along with we, then have this one; me and my team (MILLAH II) have to fundraising (or should I call it collecting money?) for our grand trip to Abu Dhabi held in next year, 2012. In the fundraising, we have to sell anything to generate our income. We have to collect about RM8k for each of us. Scary yet, maybe it's worth it, coz...hey it's Abu Dhabi! Then aside from nudging our face to Student Welfare Centre and also the TNC's office, we have to held a seminar 2 Biotechnology concept programmes such as Go Halal and all the stuff.! Owh! Thesis proposal! Owh my Goodness! I haven't done anything yet about that, yet it's just around the corner! My head kept buzzing around the MILLAH II stuffs and I never saw it coming near and near. Owh KUWAYO (it's scared in Japanese)! Hmm...what else? Ahha..the Product Development subject. We have to create a food product based on what we've learned through for the past 5 semesters. Owh Em Gee, right? Hahaha...we have to recall what we've learned and it's tiring. But still it's a fun thing to do thou. Yeah, sit in your team and keep discussing until the final result is obtained. Now, we are doing beta-testing own our product-to-be; tempeh cookies.
Shuuvit! It's nearly 11 o'clock! I have to run to Faculty of Leadership and Management to attend Quality Assurance's class! See you in other entry! Goodbye~

p/s: Please don't be me. I mean, manage your time wisely. Don't do the last-minute-thingy okay~

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm not perfect. Okay, I got it.

So there I said. I'm not perfect in being a good girl for a good boy.

25 minutes earlier I've done browsing/stalking my friend's wedding day's pictures. And I was like "eh...sweet nyer!! Suke2! Bler la leh jmpe boy mcm ni plak." . She (dentist-to-be) married to a doc-to-be. Both are pious and have crystal-clear faces. As my mind floating around thinking/dreaming about my dream boy, something popped my dreaming balloon. Hurt by the act, I stuttered. I kept my eyes linger around me. Right here, right now, I'm listening to Rihanna's songs, lazying on my bed, Facebook-ing like tomorrow Mark Zuckerberg will close down his company and a little attention to when my homework will be done. My mind said, can I be like her? Am I qualified enough to be 'marketed' to pious man as a wife? CAN I? Well, as Allah said in Al-Quran (An-Nur 24:26) :

Bad statements are for bad people (or bad women for bad men) and bad people for bad statements (or bad men for bad women). Good statements are for good people (or good women for good men) and good people for good statements (or good men for good women), such (good people) are innocent of (each and every) bad statement which they say, for them is Forgiveness, and Rizqun Karim (generous provision i.e.Paradise).

I've heard this verse years ago. But all I did is just heard it and it is faded away just like a wind. Nothing I did to 'renovate' myself to a better person. I calculated the probability of pious men wanting not-so-pious women as wives; low and nearly none, maybe. It is not well-proven but I think it's true. Yeah, they need wives who make them less-sinned in hereafter. What I meant here is, if a good woman married a good man, then the responsibility for that man to guide the woman is small since the woman does know how to control herself from committing any mungkar@sinful acts. That's what I thought. What about yours?

"Owh, that's bullshit, Faqihah!", some might said. So, what is your stand? A good girl gonna get good boy and vice versa? Or it will go naturally like these days? Like, SOMETIMES, a good girl will get not-so-good boy?

So, here I am. Still listening to songs that totally be hated by them, by the good guys. Frustration got me off-guard. am I supposed to do? Ottoke....

Friday, February 4, 2011

Say no to Mr. Greasy chicken!

Assalamualaikum and peace be upon you guys!

Whenever I say "you guys" it's means a whole universe. Doesn't count whether you are Muslim or Buddhists or Christians or else. I don't care. We are humans. Built by blood in the veins, muscles underneath the skins and so on. The conclusion is; we are alike~

Okay, that is not the thing I want to share in this entry, but yeah...greeting is always important, ain't it true? So, what I want to share here regarding to the topic, Say No To Mr. Greasy Chicken!. Uhuh, that mister is always delicious and sumptuous to eat and consume either in a small amount or big. But, do you know at what level the calories from the chicken might hit?

1 Fried Chicken (average) (batter coated/4 oz) contain 320 calories
1 Fried Chicken (average) (flour coated/4 oz) contain 310 calories

Ahah! How's that huh? Too much to bare? Okay la. I'm 75 to 78kg person and 157 cm tall. Come clean is a good thing right? Tak kesah ape orang nak kate. I know I'm fat and I'm in the middle of changing myself to a better life! So, right now. My resolution for this CNY, I want to loose 5 kg in 2 weeks! Can or not, it's in Allah's hand. So, berusaha dulu then we see!

For those who want to know how much calories you have to take in case you want to lose your weight, please go to this website and calculate yourself:

So, Kawan2!! Volume up fruits and vege intake! Say no to greasy chickens! We can do it! Jom jogging! Bye~