Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Happy Graduation Day, Aben!

Assalamualaikum WBT,

Errr....Sapekah Aben?????????????






Aben kacak bergaya~ awwww~~

Hahaha. Tak pasal jekan. Apekah motif entri ini?

Takdelah. Semalam baru disassemble bunga convo tahun LEPAS (2012). Bunga plastik je. Bukan macam kawan-kawan yang lain punya. Bunga betul. Lomentik cangat. At first, I sulked a bit to my mom sebab beli bunga plastik. Cheapskate lah ape lah (how immature!). But then I realized, my mom wants me to have the moment (convo day) forever. Awww...Sweet pulak...Thanks Ummi and Abah for the blissful day!

Abah with his 'pasrah' expression. Hehehe. Nasib la ada anak suka bergambar! Hahak!

Eh kat mana tadi? Aaa...haaa..the bouquet.
Mula-mula sayang nak diassemble bouquet tu tapi daripada jadi tempat menakung habuk, baik letak kat tempat yg sepatutnya. 

So, start la menanggalkan satu-satu bunga dari polystyrene yang jadi stand kepada bouquet tu. I have no problem at all until Aben's shows up with TWO FREAKING SATAY'S SKEWER STUCK IN HIS BUTT CHEEKS, GLUED! 

Viewer's discretion is advised.

Already removed the skewers. Owh don't mind the Made In China.
Owh Lord, needless to say, if I were Aben, that is hurt as hell. Shucks Aben. I let you stay in that hell of a situation for nearly a year, dude! Sorry much!

After all the hard work in a labor room, Aben's gave birth to two hideously long skewers. Haha. Kesian Aben. 

Anyway, this entry is a tribute to Aben as he graduated from skewers hell. And he's so happy to join the rest of the community.
Owh, wait! I think they posted a postcard for Aben's graduation day. It's somewhere in my laptop..


Owh here it is:

One big happy family!
Haha. Banyak dah merapu. Okay. Chiao!


p/s: Motif entri masih tidak diketahui. =P

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